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~Halo Salt Sanctuary

Do you suffer from allergies, skin conditions, experience stress 
in your life OR just need a quiet place to rest?

The Halo Salt Sanctuary at Divine Bliss
 may be the answer to your prayers! 

~To Schedule your Salt Session, 
please read the following important information, 
then click on the link provided at the bottom of this page.~ 

***All Sessions are paid by CASH or CHECK only***

Amy is excited to expand Divine Bliss and is proud to be 
the FIRST to offer Halo Salt Therapy in the Zanesville area.
Not only will you experience Halotherapy (dry salt), our sanctuary is unique because we also blend in Sonotherapy (sound) and Chromotherapy (color). This special music can bring the mind and body into a deep meditative state and help the body to clear blockages. 
Color can help balance the Chakra energy in the body to boost the natural healing ability of our physical and emotional systems, while dry salt is calming and detoxifying, supporting the respiratory, immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Together...sound, color and salt can have a positive effect on bringing the body, mind and spirit
into a state of 'Balance.'

What is it like inside the Sanctuary?

When you enter the Sanctuary, you will immediately notice how 
crisp and clean the air is. Pink Himalayan Foot Detox Lamps will 
illuminate in front of 6 Zero Gravity Rocking Chairs, which each 
hold a soft blanket to feel cozy during your session. 

As you sink into your chair, you will begin to hear soft, high frequency music that is used to create positive vibrations in your body and induce healing, relaxation and sleep. All you need to do is still your mind, relax your body, open your heart and allow your body
to drift away to renew your soul.

How Exactly Does Salt Therapy Work?

At Divine Bliss, we offer a Professional Halogenerator that uses dry, 
pure-grade sodium chloride that is heated and then crushed into very tiny micro-particles that resembles the look of baby powder. These dry aerosol particles are dispersed into the Sanctuary air. Pink Himalayan salt is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and 
anti-microbial. As you relax, the micro-particles from the Halogenerator are inhaled into your upper and lower respiratory system, the salt 
falls on your skin, lips...penetrates into the lungs 
and into the deeper layers of the skin.

What Do I Wear?

Don't'll be fully clothed! 

Since the salt from our patented Halogenerator will be falling during your pure salt inhalation, it is best to wear light colored clothing. You will remove your shoes and can either bring white socks to change 
into or disposable foot covers will be provided. The salt is great for your skin too, so you can wear a tank top and shorts to expose more skin.

*No electronics, food or drinks will be allowed in the Sanctuary.  
*Please use the restroom BEFORE your session starts. 
*Lockers are available for your belongings.

*It is extremely important to wear clean, smoke-free clothes. Otherwise, you will be asked to reschedule your session.** 

What are the Benefits of  Dry Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is holistic, all-natural and has been recognized for its therapeutic healing potential for many years. For decades, we have been using wet salt therapy through saline solutions, skin scrubs, neti pots, nebulizers and even gargle with saltwater to clear up a sore throat.  Technological advances have now allowed us to receive direct health benefits from the salt's ability to absorb moisture during dry salt therapy sessions. This benefits our health in many ways!

Healthier Skin, Better Breathing, Enhanced Sleep,
Great for Body Detox and Overall Wellness.

Halotherapy helps to Alleviate Symptoms of:

Bronchial Infections
Joint Inflammation
Stress & Fatigue
Smoker's Cough
Sinus Infection
Cystic Fibrosis
Ear Infections
Jet Lag
& More!

Click the link below to see the YouTube Video of the 'Halo Salt Sanctuary!' 


 Session Pricing

~All Regular Sessions last 45 Minutes~

$25~ All first time guests

 $35 ~ Single Session (Recommended Ages 11 & up)

5 for $150~ with our Prepaid card ($25 Savings!)

$150 - Private Party Sanctuary Rental (up to 6 people)


*Due to the peaceful atmosphere we promise our guests, 
If you have a child under the age of 11 that needs salt therapy
they are welcome to come in as long as you KNOW they can sit still 
in their chair for 45 minutes without disrupting the other 
guests or playing with our fragile decor* 


~Add-on a 'Reiki' Session to your Halo Salt Session~
*Only Available as an Add-on to your Salt Sanctuary Visit*
(Private Reiki sessions are available in one of our other suites)
~Cash or Check Accepted~

Relax in the Salt Sanctuary, while one of our Reiki Masters 
perform Reiki in conjunction with your salt session! 
Get the best of both world's all at the same time!

*Please call or text Amy Directly at 740.624.2681 to 
coordinate your session date & time*

 $1 per minute during salt session (In Zero Gravity Chair)
(Up to 19 minutes. Times will vary based on how many attendees 
request reiki during the salt session.)
20 Minutes ~ $20 (Reiki Bed)
40 Minutes ~ $40 (Reiki Bed)

Sessions start right on time! Don't be late! 

To Schedule your Salt Session, click on the link below then click on "Schedule a CLASS" to reserve your seat!
***All Sessions are paid by CASH or CHECK only***

Gift Certificates Available!

Take home some Pink Himalayan Salt and check out 
Ava's 'Bliss Bombs & Scrubs' handmade products!



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